Sunday, January 29, 2012

iPhone Apps

I love my iPhone. Yes, many apps are distractions when I should be grading or working on my dissertation, but others are just awesome. Here are a few current favorites:

Words with Friends: Who isn't addicted right now?

Groupon & Living Social: No longer need to print out and carry around my deals. I can also get instant deals no matter where I am.

Key Ring: Bye-bye stack of rewards cards! Plus get more deals through the app and you can easily share the cards with others.

HBO Go: All my favorite HBO shows travel with me.

EasyBib: Not for complex citations, but for basic books, just scan the barcode and you are done!

Angry Birds Seasons & Angry Birds Rio: Fun variations of the game

NY Times Crossword: I like the check feature and there are many historical puzzles to try (a lot of Mondays to pick from!)

Flashlight: Very bright tool – don’t point it at anyone!

AllRecipes: Love, love, love the site and now I can take the recipes to the store so I don’t forget any ingredients

Grocery iQ: Never forget a shopping list – and share them with others

Kindle: Still can’t believe I read a whole book on my phone

What are your favorite apps?