Thursday, February 25, 2010

PETE&C 2010

What a conference! 9 sessions & 2 keynote speakers (one gripe - a lot of comments we already know but didn't hear many solutions...) in two days. Didn't spend much time with the vendors. It looked like all hardware and I was more interested in software. Here is a summary of the sessions I attended (in progress):

Retooling for Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Back to School: Content Filtering and Web 2.0

Videoconferencing for newbies

Geocaching: A cross curricular adventure

Scratch it! Sketch it! Create it!

Accomplish Amazing Animations in the Classroom (Tech4Learning Frames program)

Pre-Service Technology Prep - Where are we going?

Save Money with District-Run Virtual School

Education in Motion (online courses)

Monday, February 1, 2010

School bans dictionary

I follow a lot of library and edtech listservs and nearly every week someone, somewhere is attempting to ban a book. As much as I hate censorship, sometimes they are legitimate, such as a book that is truly YA and somehow found its way into an elementary collection. The latest to hit the newswires is a book banning in California involving the dictionary. Apparently there are collegiate level dictionaries in the upper elementary classrooms for advanced students and spelling bee practice. Naturally, some curious students "stumbled" across certain terms as children will do and the parents were not thrilled. Makes one wonder: 1) how far will "protecting" our children go and 2) do we want them finding out correct definitions from the playground, Wikipedia or edited & factual referene sources like the dictionary?