Thursday, February 25, 2010

PETE&C 2010

What a conference! 9 sessions & 2 keynote speakers (one gripe - a lot of comments we already know but didn't hear many solutions...) in two days. Didn't spend much time with the vendors. It looked like all hardware and I was more interested in software. Here is a summary of the sessions I attended (in progress):

Retooling for Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

Back to School: Content Filtering and Web 2.0

Videoconferencing for newbies

Geocaching: A cross curricular adventure

Scratch it! Sketch it! Create it!

Accomplish Amazing Animations in the Classroom (Tech4Learning Frames program)

Pre-Service Technology Prep - Where are we going?

Save Money with District-Run Virtual School

Education in Motion (online courses)

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