Friday, December 14, 2012

The Kindle

Last year I got a Kindle and I love it. I just got a basic one since I figured I would be getting an iPad within the year or two. I never thought I would like reading books on a device, but after reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand on my iPhone for a book club, I realized it wasn't so bad. If the story is engaging, it doesn't matter what format the book is in. Oh, and moving last year helped me decide to investigate ebooks, as well. Let's not get into how many boxes there were of just cookbooks, but children's books are the only thing I buy in paper format anymore if I can help it.

What do I like about reading on a Kindle?
  • Battery life - absolutely insane
  • Easy to hold when lying down
  • Adjustable print size - my vision is very good, but it is nice to be able to adjust the print size and screen contrast
  • Storage - frees up so much space in the house
  • Cheap ebooks - Kindle Daily Deals get me trouble quickly - and books needed for my dissertation were cheaper in e-format
  • Free ebooks - so easy to download from the public library
  • Kindle apps - I can use any of my devices to pick up reading right where I left off
What device do you use for e-reading and where do you get your books from?


  1. I love my Kindle 3! The adjustable print size is brilliant, but what I like over the iPad and NOOK is it isn't backlit (there isn't a light in the back) so it doesn't strain your eyes. Of course, you then need to buy a booklight, but there are some great booklights out there. :) I get my books from all over the place, mostly free ebook blogs and the Project Gutenberg Australia website. (I only have the link for the Crime and Mystery page -- my favorite genre! Sorry this is so long-winded! I love your blog, by the way! Keep it up!!

    Anna Grace

  2. I have a rather old Nook but I absolutely love it. I love that I can just pick it up and start reading where I left off, download free books from the library, fill it up and I am set for traveling. But most of all and probably the silliest of all is I love that I can read lying down and easily turn the page with either hand and I don't have to flip over. Lazy huh???