Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Classroom Tip of the Day: Painter's Tape on Whiteboards

My school recently administered the Keystone Exams (new end of course exams in algebra, literature and biology). My role was to offer a coffee/bathroom break to test proctors, a very important job that also allowed me to visit classrooms I hadn't been in before. In the first class I visited I noticed something brilliant - blue painters tape on the whiteboard! It was so easy and clearly designated areas of the board for specific classes. I thought that it was genius because it stood out more so than drawing lines, couldn't get erased and didn't damage the board. Later I saw it in a special education room where the teacher had used it to make a chart with a box for each student and his/her assignments. I was starting to see a trend and wasn't sure who did it first, but it was such a simple, effective idea.

What tricks do you use in your classroom/library?

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