Monday, June 15, 2009

Cameras (Week 3, #7)

It is amazing how far camera technology has come. I remember a mere 13 years ago when my mother hauled a beast of a video camera around New England on a family vacation. She had a 16 mm camera prior to that and has since converted our family film to VHS and now DVD.

My first photography camera in the late 80s was a disc with disposable flashbulbs, then graduating to a 35 mm by the mid 90s. I bought a really nice 35 mm before going overseas in 2001 that has since been replaced by my small digital camera last summer. I still can't believe that it also takes videos.

We are preparing for a renovation at my school and are weeding out the technology that doesn't get used. Our digital cameras aren't used as much since almost everyone has their own and, since some store pictures on a disc, who wants something that "old", anyway? We are finding old battery packs and AV cords that are larger than some of our current digital video cameras.

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