Friday, April 23, 2010

Construction Update

As I sit at my desk, a senior English class is analyzing television shows. It is an interesting project, as they are examining the sociological aspects of current programming. I'm hearing snippets of discussions about quite a variety of shows - Chuck, Bones, Friends, SpongeBob. In between their quiet discussions, there are loud, room shaking bangs, as my library ceiling literally comes down. The construction guys have been tearing apart our reference room and computer lab to turn it back into a hallway. The library will be moved this summer. For now, we are slowly shrinking as plastic tarps go up and the demolition team gets to work. Overall, the noise hasn't been too bad. There are times when I can't hear the phone on my desk, but it seems to come in bursts, which is preferential to all day jackhammering that others have dealt with.

We are slowly cleaning out our offices and taking boxes home. It is amazing how much can accumulate in 7 years. Of course, it isn't nearly as much as some teachers have collected in 20+ years of being in the same room! I suppose one good thing about all of this packing and moving is that we were all forced to do a little spring cleaning.

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